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Accesories Beautiful

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top model to me just enchanted and boots with studs

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amazing artwork as inspiration for tattoos

Kamis, 29 September 2016

Find Your Own Fashion Inspiration

Again we talking about fashion inspiration, Fashion is an art of building something that people can wear both aesthetically beautiful and comfortable. Fashion is not always dominated by famous brands of clothes but actually you can combine or create your own fashion style. To find the inspiration, you can check latest movies or some old movies that may give you the idea, especially for your Halloween night this month. One of the great fashion and make up style inspiration source is the Hunger Games series. The dystopia they have brought in the movie brought both the beauty of the futuristic fashion and story of strong woman.

You must be know movie and video game sometimes is a good inspiration for costume seekers as known as cosplayers. Such as suicide squad costume. Cosplayers will try to imitate a character from video game or anime. Most of it is highly affected by the Japanese style like Kimono and etc. Beside the inspiration of the style, you may find your colors inspiration from your own environment. The Pantone colors will be perfectly match with the colors of the Fall season. Whether for the next season, the white winter, you may choose vivid colors like red, green and yellow. The bright colors will dominate the pale colors of winter.

Sabtu, 24 September 2016

The Beginning of Stage Diving Fashion

Have you ever gone to a music concert with crazy crowd of fans occupy around the stage? If you have been there, probably you would have seen someone jumped into the crowd like in the swimming pool. That act is known as stage diving. Stage diving is an action of jumping, leaping or throwing yourself to the crowd below the stage. Long before the name was invented, the trend was started on August 8, 1964 during the first Dutch concert by The Rolling Stones at the Kurhaus of Scheveningen. Stage diving is commonly acted by musicians in a concert or in a crowd like a club. Jim Morrison was known as the early performer of this act on stage. Fashionbydux on stage diving
The Beginning of Stage Diving Fashion

Stage diving comes with risks. Some musicians were reported to be injured in their act. Not to mention some incidents of fans got injured too in the act of stage diving. Even brings many risks, this kind of fashion is still be done as a final attraction of a music concert or crowd-involving occasion. Despite of the danger for both musicians and their fans, stage diving becomes popular iconic acts for many musicians and printed in T-shirts and more media.

Maybe some people think this activity like ugly but this It's almost time for the Fashion Meets Music. Lets do it and expression this session.
The Beginning of Stage Diving Fashion
The Beginning of Stage Diving FashionStage Diving Fashion 

Looking for Fall Fashion Trend 2016? Here Are Some Clues

Welcome fall! 2016 is coming to end and before we go on to 2017, let’s enjoy this autumn and see what’s gonna blow up this year’s autumn. So what is your plan for this fall? Cozy sweaters or dark color jackets plus booties will serve great as usual. Fashion is not about what you look but the comfort you will get especially in this windy and cold autumn. The temperature of fall changes so often so it will be useful if you use light layers to manage the hot.
Looking for Fall Fashion Trend 2016
If you think that sweater is too classic, you may use your light hoodie and your tank top or light tee shirt. That will be easiest way to wear in the morning or afternoon. Next, if it gets too windy, the mixture of laces and leathers is a great to block all the wind. Leather jacket will keep you warm and tee shirt under it will be a perfect couple if it gets back to hot.

The natural textures of falling leaves are amazing to be combined with plaid textures. You may choose red, blue, black, or even hot pink for your shirts, skirts, hats, or the other accessories. Ready to dominate the fall with your Fall fashion trend 2016?

Lets get the best 2016 fall fashion tips from the Fashionbydux. Find inspired by celebrity fall outfit ideas and shop the essentials to recreate the looks at home. We've rounded up some of the very best fall 2016 fashion trends whilst providing shoppable pieces to get the look, mixing high and low options. Always update about fashion make you comfort and elegan from other people.

Fashion week coverage and the best dressed stars on the red carpet, to what's chic on the streets and trends to watch out for this season. If we looking for information from New York Fashion Week Fall 2016 Trend Report, many design give us inspired for Fall Fashion this year.
Looking for Fall Fashion Trend 2016 

Selasa, 20 September 2016

Teen Fashion 2016 for Fall Season

Get the latest teen fashion trends - Teens, just like the adults want to join to the line of fashion. They do not want to be left in the old fashioned zone. To be updated, sometimes they look for the latest trend by themselves but here you can find something good for them to spend their fall with their friends. The first thing we have to remember about fall is the temperature that is easily change. Fresh in the morning, hot in the midday and very cold and dry in the afternoon or in the night. The tips is using multiple light layers. They will easily adapt with the temperature by removing the layer. 
 Teen Fashion 2016 for Fall Season
One of the easiest layer they can choose is jacket. Sweater will be warm for cold but it will be bad for higher temperature plus it needs big place in your kids’ bag if they want to let it off. Jacket can be combined with shirts and scarf. To make it more cheerful, you may choose pantone colors like cadmium orange, cashmere rose, marsala, deep blue, dried herb or Biscay bay. One extra point for teen fashion fall season is the Halloween. Don’t forget to give them the ideas for this year costume.

Talking about Halloween If you're looking for the latest and greatest 2016 Halloween costumes, or for the best Halloween costume ideas like Your Suicide Squad’s Halloween Costumes, Harley Quinn and Enchantress
Teen Fashion 2016 for Fall Season Teen Fashion 2016 for Fall Season
Don't abandon your love of crop tops just because it's getting cold out! This season is all about the long-sleeved crop. Fashion clothes for teen girls 2016 brings unusual images, but all or most of them. Check out the top fall fashion and beauty trends along with celebrity style.

Senin, 19 September 2016

Makeup Inspiration for Fall Season

Fall has its own color and sometimes it looks like a real live vintage pictures. As we know that fall is dominated by calm colors like yellow, orange, and darker. So to make yourself blend with the color of the season, it will be great if you embrace a drop of darkness in your make up and show up the romance in your routine. Here are some suggested colors to be applied in your daily routine and sometime make up inspired characters suicide. The first color you may try is the coral-colored lipstick. Coral color like the red berry differs your beauty from the natural color of the falling leaves. Using minimalistic make up with bold color in your lips will blend you into the warm and cold of the season. 
Makeup Inspiration for Fall Season
Bronze is also a good combination for the fall. It is not only give the color of glamour but a nice adaptation with the color of the leaves and show your beauty in dominance. Natural brown can substitute the color if you think that bronze is too sparkling. In the other hand, you may combine it into a darker bronze to make it more calm and warm. Combined with leather jacket, scarf and booties will make it a great tone for your fall this year.

Minggu, 18 September 2016

Level Up with Boots Fashion

Your shoes your character - Shoes are one of fashion parts that completes the whole dress you wear. Shoes are not just an accessory but an element for the image of your lower outfit. For men, shoes describe their personality. Black and shiny leather shoes will perfect the impression of men’s suit. But once they choose the wrong shoes, for example black suit with brown leather shoes, it will ruin their image in short.

Level Up with Boots Fashion

As boots are one of fashion items, boots can be both classic and elegant. The booties are also more applicable than any other shoes. They can be used in snow, rainy season, casual occasion, or for a long travelling. They are great to be paired with black legging or blue jeans some people say boots with studs for new generation. Simpler boots are also great couple for a dress. Booties for women have higher heel than the men’s boots. That’s why boots are not only for man but yes for ladies too.

Commonly, most of them have dark colors like black or brown but you can find more colors like maroon or white onleatherette. For more addition, the women’s boots sometimes come up with soft fur that will be perfect to be combined with thick jacket or coat for winter.

Sabtu, 17 September 2016

Do You Know Gigi Hadid to Make the Move to the Acting Industry?‏

The Beauty Evolution of Gigi Hadid, from Child Model to Fashion It Girl

Gigi Hadid go to red carpet Hollywood Movies - If we searches related to Gigi Hadid in google we will find much about this beautyfull women like example Image Gigi Hadid, Wallpaper, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Celebration In Nyc, Gigi Hadid Si Swimsuit Sports Illustrated, she when Photoshoot At Vasquez Rocks Park In Los Angeles, event Moschino Fashion Show In Milan, she and Boyfriend at Vasquez Rocks Park In Los Angeles and many more article about this top models.
gigi hadid and formule 1 pilote lewis
Gigi Hadid is a pretty and talented young girl, she has become one of the most talked about models in the business and has enjoyed a growing reputation on the modelling scene, which has led to this stunning star working with some of the biggest and best names in modelling. Although she seriously nails a no-makeup makeup look, Gigi switches up her beauty routine more than you might think. We will think Gigi has the perfect look to make a success of appearing up on the big screen, as long as her acting was up to scratch.
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While some of these stunning models have struggled to actually make a success of their switch to the acting industry, making a quick return to the modelling scene, there are others who have not given up on the dream, while some are actually proving that they are also very talented actors and issue about full Gigi Hadid Movies trends in google. So, it will be interesting to see where the next model turned actress comes from and we have our hopes set on one such model making the switch in the future. Some time ago Gigi Hadid suffered nip slip at Versace Milan Fashion Week Runway and trends topic in medias.

She is one of the top models in the business

Gigi Hadid named one of world's most beautiful girl . When it comes to having a long and successful career in the entertainment industry, it seems that there are many beautiful women out there who are following the same path as one another, by mixing things up a bit and keeping things fresh. One of the most regular things we have seen in recent years, is the amount of beautiful models deciding to make the move into the acting industry, putting themselves alongside some of the top Hollywood stars around. Will we ever see her make the movie into acting? 
gigi hadid at spike tvs guys choice 
 Gigi Hadid movie
Gigi Hadid is one of the biggest rising stars in the entertainment industry and having her name attached to a movie would surely go a long way to getting more bums on seats. While we are not sure whether Gigi has any intention of acting in the future, we hope that we can one day see her making the switch.

So, lets wait acting this women in the movie next time... :)
Do You Know Gigi Hadid to Make the Move to the Acting Industry?‏ Gigi Hadid fashion beach‏  
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